Our mission is to build a blockchain protocol that universally brings trustful marketing platforms to decentralised applications in mainstream networks.

GioTex will be a disruptive force in the affiliate marketing space as it will eliminate the issue by leveraging the following benefits of the GioTex blockchain

Active Traders


GioTex Foundation

An independent group with unique and global changing responsibility to supervise the development of GioTex and it's network. The GioTex foundation works to drive the global business community, to reshape the blockchain governance , enhancing gold standards and support the community of users and developers.

Build for Global Business Community

A unique standard platform for a technical future that supports everyone to work better together, and build a solution for universal problems

GioTex has started with a long vision of a business world without central authorities, in which handling is not controlled by a central body of few , but by the authorized many

Opportunity with Technology

Technology is the best, when it brings people together

GioTex figures the platform with a new age of innovation. It introduces leading edge technology to help global community, developer and enterprises to discover a new possible and enrich their times. GioTex powers new, enhanced, highly secure and globally scalable design for solutions. It's technology is improved upon through a evidence based development models. GioTex is a realization of potential. It is a innovative platform with advanced security measures, privacy sustainability and performance based standards need to accelerate the mass adoption of technology.

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