GioTex Blockchain

Our mission is to build a Blockchain Protocol that universally brings trustful marketing platforms to Decentralised Applications in mainstream networks.

The standalone feature of GioTex blockchain is the advanced security measures with AI-enhanced blockchain protocols and consensus mechanism imposed to ensure the security of the blockchain with
0 gas fees.

We build the World's most Transparent and
Trustful performance marketing

Transparency and efficiency will allow brands and publishers to focus on maximizing growth free from malpractice concerns by the other party, thereby strengthening the blockchain-based economy.

Creating the Ubiquitous Blockchain affiliate
marketing platform

GioTex will connect affiliate with their brands that reasonate most with their audience allowing them to offer real value to their users. the platform will provide full end-to-end coverage for brands and affiliates to discover each other and build a long-standing mutually profitable relationship economy.

Designing the Gold Standard for Blockchain Protocol

GioTex will strike the first-mover advantage and leverage its team's multi-decade experience in the affiliate market to build a product that provides the solution to pinpoint what has plagued the industry for decades.

Creating the World Standard Unified Exchange Platform
marketing platform

GioTex Exchange Platform is built in such a way that it has aggressive access control of all in one platform with Stocks , Index , Forex along with Token exchange inbuilt with highly secured GioTex wallet

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